Tech Company Industrial


I got to shoot another tech company industrial on Sunday! This time in Santa Clara, right by the San Jose Airport at a cool space called One Workplace. (Shoutout to Kevin for driving me so early in the morning.) 

We were shooting non-audio video for a conference call app. Had a great time working onset, improvising with my fellow principals and getting to know the friendly and skilled creative team and crew.

In the reflection of my prop laptop, I swore wardrobe had me looking quite Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation). Not so much in the reflection of the bathroom mirror, but at least you can see a bit of wardrobe!

Cast in Encore Theatre Company's Hookman

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that I'll be playing Yoonji in Encore Theatre Company's production of Hookman, written by UC San Diego MFA alum Lauren Yee. I was lucky enough to do a workshop reading of this play back in college and am delighted to return to it. (Lauren's an amazing playwright. Seriously, check her out.)

Hookman is a meditation on what it means to be young and female in a world that seems—at times—hostile, lonely, and dangerous.

We start rehearsals in April and open May 2015 at Z Below. A mold of my face will be a prop. I can't wait!

Learn more about the production here, at Encore's website.

Keeper of My Heart's Odd Secrets

Our two-weekend showing of Emma Jaster's brainchild, Keeper of My Heart's Odd Secrets was a success and a delight. We held talkbacks after each showing with each resident probing the audience for feedback.

Check out some of the unbelievable photos that Ramunė Rastonis took from rehearsal in Productions.

Cristian Gaitan designed the game section in the beginning and did a stunning job. Emma assembled an amazing team.

Next up for Odd Secrets? An installation this September at Z Space!

Ubuntu Theater Project's 2014 Summer Theater Festival

I'm super excited to be involved with Ubuntu Theater Project. Ever since they took the Bay Area (and my news feed) by storm last year, I've been curious about their work. Since moving home, I've been looking for an artistic home. And before I joined the San Francisco Neo-Futurists, I stalked these fine folks at UTP to see how I could get involved. People whose work I love and trust love and trust these folks. And tada. Now I'm involved as UTP's Communications Manager.

Here comes the ask. We're raising money for our 2014 Summer Theater Festival. $8,000, in fact.

You might be experiencing donor fatigue. (I sure am.) But look at all these people who got together and decided to make something. And if making something for making its sake isn't enough (it isn't always for me) know this: this festival is four weeks long, comprising six shows and covering three cities. Over 30 UC San Diego MFA actors, designers and directors are coming together to make this happens. On top of our full-time jobs and full-time demands as students, these passionate people are rehearsing and creating their hearts out to invigorate Bay Area theatre.

Our theatre is "affordable, social, and cutting edge." Not unlike what Hungry River Theatre Co. stood for.

So please, if you can, spare a few bucks or lend us your eyes, your news feeds. We'll fill your hearts.

Donate today to bring Ubuntu Theater Project back to Oakland.

P.S. More news about my current artistic project, Keeper of My Heart's Odd Secrets in the next post.
P.P.S. The inimitable Emily Chao donated her time, energy and expertise to create UTP's Kickstarter video. #likeaboss