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The Man in the Mirror (Or The Anglo-Heteronormative Male in the Mirror)

2017 has me thinking more about a number of issues: race, systems of oppression, human nature. I wrote about many of these issues as a San Francisco Neo-Futurist in the form of short plays for their ongoing show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. I've decided to share a few of these short plays on my actor website. To learn more about the Neo-Futurist aesthetic, click here

I "wrote" this play to give voice to the thoughts I have on race and representation. People smarter than me have already said it better than I could, but I could contribute by giving a fresh platform to their wise words. In the performance of this play, there was a distinct build. Through Junot Diaz's words, I expressed the rage, confusion, hurt, alienation, realization, and hope, that all lives inside me. Through Diaz's words, I experienced catharsis. Post-catharsis, I delivered Constance's words. 

The Man in the Mirror
Or The Anglo-Heteronormative Male in the Mirror

Katharine Chin © 2015


Four Neos wrap up Katharine, head to toe, in butcher paper or shiny gift wrap leaving room only for her nose and mouth to breathe. The effect should make her look mechanical or monstrous. 



"You guys know about vampires?

You know, vampires have no reflections in a mirror? There's this idea that monsters don't have reflections in a mirror. And what I've always thought isn't that monsters don't have reflections in a mirror. It's that if you want to make a human being into a monster, deny them, at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves.

And growing up, I felt like a monster in some ways. I didn't see myself reflected at all. I was like, "Yo, is something wrong with me?” That the whole society seems to think that people like me don't exist?

And part of what inspired me, was this deep desire that before I died, I would make a couple of mirrors. That I would make some mirrors so that kids like me might seem themselves reflected back and might not feel so monstrous for it."

Neos stop wrapping and walk offstage.



Katharine starts to rip the paper off of her.

"I wouldn’t say that just visibility is important. I would say visibility as the stars of a show is important. That says that our stories matter. We’re not here to do the taxes of the white person, or to be the chipper best friend to the white person. It’s important to see Asians in those leading roles because it changes what I’m calling the anglo-heteronormative status of TV."


Best of 2015, Two Ways

We, the San Francisco Neo-Futurists, performed our Best of 2015 show to sold out crowds on 12/18 & 12/19. Here's an image from our last night. What a wonderful way to end an eventful year!

And more delightful news to close out 2015: the Magic Theatre's production of Fred's Diner earn a spot on Robert Hurwitt's Top 10 Plays of 2015 list. Check out his summary and the other top plays at the SF Chronicle article. Encore Theatre's production of Hookman was one of Chad Jones' favorites of 2015. Read the full list here.

Cast in Encore Theatre Company's Hookman

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that I'll be playing Yoonji in Encore Theatre Company's production of Hookman, written by UC San Diego MFA alum Lauren Yee. I was lucky enough to do a workshop reading of this play back in college and am delighted to return to it. (Lauren's an amazing playwright. Seriously, check her out.)

Hookman is a meditation on what it means to be young and female in a world that seems—at times—hostile, lonely, and dangerous.

We start rehearsals in April and open May 2015 at Z Below. A mold of my face will be a prop. I can't wait!

Learn more about the production here, at Encore's website.

Keeper of My Heart's Odd Secrets

Our two-weekend showing of Emma Jaster's brainchild, Keeper of My Heart's Odd Secrets was a success and a delight. We held talkbacks after each showing with each resident probing the audience for feedback.

Check out some of the unbelievable photos that Ramunė Rastonis took from rehearsal in Productions.

Cristian Gaitan designed the game section in the beginning and did a stunning job. Emma assembled an amazing team.

Next up for Odd Secrets? An installation this September at Z Space!

Is it Love? Can it Be? I'm a San Francisco Neo-Futurist


Last Friday—May 30th, 2014—marked my human premiere as a San Francisco Neo-Futurist.

It's super official now that I have my photo booth pic.

The first weekend jitters are gone and the real challenge lies ahead of me. Writing more, better, tighter. Thinking faster, smarter, harder. The shows feel like a gift to me (and hopefully a gift to the audience, too).

This weekend: round two of my first, three-week run.

Next weekend: round three of my first, three-week run.

Hope you'll join me at the lovely Boxcar Theatre for some ɪkˌspɛrəˈmɛntl theatre. There will be nudity. Unfortunately (fortunately?) it won't be mine.

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
San Francisco Neo-Futurists
$15 + fees online
$10 + $1 times the roll of a 6-sided die at the door ($11 – $16)