A love letter to Millennials, from a Millennial (2015)

2017 has me thinking more about a number of issues: race, systems of oppression, human nature. I wrote about many of these issues as a San Francisco Neo-Futurist in the form of short plays for their ongoing show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. I've decided to share a few of these short plays on my actor website. To learn more about the Neo-Futurist aesthetic, click here

A love letter to Millennials, from a Millennial
Katharine Chin © 2015

Katharine is flicking paint on a large sheet hanging from the line. Occasionally she might write some buzzwords like “snowflake, selfie, Generation me, trigger warning.” She paints throughout the following speech, back to the audience, a little shouty. “Younger Love” by Panama Wedding plays from a portable speaker.



Hey jerks,

I admire you. I really do. I admire your sensitivity, your deep sense of empathy and commitment to social justice. Even you, armchair SJW! It’s pretty amazing that our biggest fault is being TOO sensitive to the feelings of marginalized people. That’s pretty OK with me. Hopefully we’ll be the sweet sensitive type that toughens up with time. Sexy.  

Don’t let Gen X and Baby Boomer criticism get you down. They were just as narcissistic when they were our age. (Just look at TIME Magazine covers through the decades.) But we did grow up with the Internet. That thing is cray slash AMAAAAAZING.

Draws a hand on the sheet.

And at the end of the day, they can’t put us in a box. They can’t explain us away with generalizations. For every Zuckerberg who gives away 99% of his Facebook shares, there’s some shitty dirtbag fuck twat just waiting to wreak havoc on humanity. And most of us? Most of us fall somewhere in between. Trying to make sense of life, stay alive, maybe fall in love and or just have some fun between now and our inevitable ends

So keep taking those selfies, keep sending those (slowly enunciated) sexts. We’ll be old and cranky before they know it.


Dips hand in paint and high-fives the hand on the sheet.